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We help brands create next generation products

Our services

Product development
Our team members are specialists in design and product development. We can guide you from the initial design-phase of a single product, to the planning and development of an entire collection.
3D design
We make your ideas come to life using 3D software and digital techniques, ensuring no detail is missed. Having all your products in a 3D-catalog gains you total control of your designs.
Our production services are tailored to your needs. We offer small-scale prototyping and sampling at our manufacturing facility in Oslo, as well as professional management of large-scale production.
Image by Bernard Hermant

We do the research

Sustainable and circular products are the way forward. EU develops new legislation that will affect the industry at large and requires all brands to provide product data in a digital product passport. We keep up to date on the latest developments so that your designs are future-proofed.
The textile industry is changing.