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Product development

We work with brands of various sizes and from different starting points. Wether you're beginning from scratch and looking to create new designs or you already have a brand up and running - we can help you navigate a more sustainable design method.

Our strength in product development stems from the collective expertise and experience of our team, who not only boast a deep understanding of fashion design, but also knows the importance of building a cohesive brand identity.

Our approach to design is always eco-conscious and with circularity in mind. Not only because it aligns with our values, but because we believe it's the best business strategy for achieving longevity in a rapidly changing industry.

3D design & knitwear

At Manufacture Oslo we have embraced the new digital tools available to the fashion industry. We use CLO3D to visualize, design and digitally test garments before beginning physical sampling. In our experience this not only leads to fewer costly manufacturing errors, but also allows for greater involvement and creativity in the design process.

Knitwear is one of our key investments, and we use ApexFiz as our designtool when developing new knit garments. The software lets us plan and render every single thread of a knit pattern, and also makes it easier to communicate with external knitting manufacturers.

Additionally we offer staff training in CLO3D & ApexFiz.


Depending on your size of operation and specific needs, we offer tailored manufacturing services.


At our facilities in Oslo we are able to develop prototypes, produce samples and smaller capsule collections. The in-house technicians have expertise in pattern making and garment construction.

EXTERNAL - Supply chain management

For production of larger scale we work with carefully selected, certified factories in Europe and India who match our passion for responsible garment production.


We develop technical specifications, place orders and manage the process from beginning to end.

Staff training and brand mentoring

We offer training in various softwares such as CLO3D and ApexFiz, and mentoring of brands who are starting out or looking to reshape their design process.

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